Grzesiek Wielgosz Piekarski
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New office and business name

Dear Clients,
We are happy to inform that the New Year will bring a boost to your comfort and satisfaction with our services.

Committed to meeting your requirements and raising standards in all areas of our activity, our Law Firm is moving to a new location as of 1 January 2018. Feel free to pay a visit to our innovative and comfortable offices at 3 Maja 49c/6, 61-728 Poznań.
We are also happy to inform all those who consider themselves part of our family that the New Year is bringing another change: we are going to operate under a new business name, though similar to the one you are familiar with. As of 1 January, the firm will be known as GWP Grzesiek Wielgosz Piekarski Radcowie Prawni i Adwokaci Spółka Partnerska (GWP Grzesiek Wielgosz Piekarski Legal Counsellors and Advocates Professional Partnership).
The change, also involving a new logo, is part of important developments in our team which we hope and believe will bring further improvements in our services and activities.

Wojciech Grzesiek, Advocate

Adam Wielgosz, Legal Counsellor

Marcin Piekarski, Advocate

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