Damages, compensation and advocacy

We represent clients in any claims for damages. We use our best endeavours to recover any payments you may be entitled to.

We specialise in pursuing claims against insurance companies on account of the death of an insured person, road accidents, accidents at work, slips and falls in a public place and other damage or losses.

We are involved with adjusting claims under mandatory motor third party liability insurance. We act for our clients in disputes with insurance companies over compensation under a policy. We handle cases involving claims in favour of the next of kin of injured parties and claims for reimbursement of medical and rehabilitation costs.

Your situation

  • My flat has been flooded and I want compensation adequate to my losses.
  • I’ve been injured in a road accident as a result of which my health has deteriorated.
  • My insurance company refuses to pay me or my next of kin due compensation.

Our solution

  • Analysis of liability for the losses and assistance in pursuing insurance claims.
  • Claims adjustment and negotiating the terms of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages.
  • Legal advice and legal assistance in cases where claims for damages need to be documented.

Our experts

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