Due diligence and corporate services

We have expertise and experience in due diligence audits and ensuring compliance with the provisions of law, internal regulations and good practice.

We provide a wide range of services related to due diligence auditing and compliance, including due diligence examination of a company’s all or individual assets, movable and immovable property auditing, data processing, protection auditing as well as legal analysis of investment and sale agreements.

We provide advice on and verify compliance with labour law. We also draft and assess documents to ensure compliance. Do not hesitate to contact us also if you need assistance in obtaining any required permits or licences or in succession planning.

Your situation

  • My company’s planning to buy a property and I’d like to make sure it has no legal defects.
  • My partners are planning to amend our company’s articles of association and I’d like to check if the proposed changes are legal.
  • My company’s planning to engage in a regulated activities and I don’t know what documents are required.

Our solution

  • Identifying risks involved in the planned transaction, drafting a contract and assistance in its execution.
  • Analysis of the proposed amendments, preparing a draft resolution and assistance at the notary’s office.
  • Defining plans and determining what permits or licences are required for the business.

Our experts

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