Estate planning and probate matters

We offer legal advice on how to pass down assets to future generations and how to ensure continuity and effectiveness in the management of your assets.

We are there to help you devise an inheritance plan to prevent any disputes or misunderstandings among your heirs. We represent clients in probate proceedings and any related procedures, including concerning inheritance and donation tax.

We can help in deciding how your estate is to be disposed of. We also do our best to ensure that the probate proceedings run smoothly, while adequately safeguarding your heirs’ financial interests. Our services include drafting wills and contracts of donation. If you run a business, we are there to assist you in effective succession planning, taking into account your family’s interests.

Your situation

  • I wish to plan my family’s financial future and ensure their long-term safety.
  • I’d like to determine a circle of my heirs and decide how my estate is distributed upon my death.
  • I’m a participant in probate proceedings, but there was no will.

Our solution

  • Establishing a fund for the family and ensuring that the children and other dependants are looked after
  • Drafting a will and devising an uncontentious inheritance plan, securing your heirs’ interests
  • Probate mediation, claim enforcement and representation before competent authorities.

Our experts

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