Industrial property protection

If you are looking to protect your logos or other designs identifying your business or products, we have extensive expertise in intellectual property registration and protection.

We can also help manage relations between the author of a design and a business, for example by drafting commercial agreements, handling licensing matters or copyright assignment.

We are experienced in drafting commercial agreements and devising optimisation structures involving a company’s industrial property as a key component.

Our lawyers represent clients before the Polish Patent Office and the European Union Intellectual Property Office, whether they are applying for registrationor are filing an opposition against someone else’s application. Where no satisfactory agreement can be reachede are there to help you with disputes, negotiations and mediation.

Your situation

  • I’d like my trademark to be protected across the European Union.
  • I’d like to expand my business and promote my brand across the country or abroad.
  • I’m thinking about using a registered trademark for tax optimisation.

Our solution

  • Industrial property database analysis and filing an application for registration.
  • Brand valuation and legal assistance in finding partners to collaborate with and in licensing.
  • Trademark valuation based on the company’s financial records and business activity.

Our experts

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