International transactions and structures

We provide professional support in setting up companies and other entities outside Poland, including in Austria, the United Kingdom, Cyprus or the United Arab Emirates.

We help optimise the functioning of international structures, in particular as regards taxation. Our advocates and legal counsellors provide legal services involving drafting individual contracts between parties from different jurisdictions as well as complex processes involving cross-border mergers.

We help reorganise the legal and tax structures of international groups of companies and provide national and international corporate legal services to foreign entities. We make use of our extensive experience of company transformations and acquisitions in carrying through cross-border mergers.

Your situation

  • I manage a company in this country, but I’d like to make use of an optimisation structure involving a foreign company.
  • I own and run many foreign companies and I’d like to create a proper management structure.
  • I’m planning a merger of a foreign company and a local company which cooperate closely.

Our solution

  • Analysis of the assets and devising an optimisation structure in collaboration with a foreign law firm.
  • Establishing a trust to ensure control of the companies’ activities and their finance.
  • Detailed planning of cross-border mergers and carrying them out in collaboration with foreign law firms.

Our experts

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