Litigation, negotiation and mediation

We have extensive experience in out-of-court negotiations both between collaborating individuals or businesses and in B2C relations.

GWP’s lawyers consistently seek to ensure that our clients’ claims are satisfied by mutual agreement between those involved. We provide legal assistance in organising and conducting trade negotiations and negotiations aimed at settling debts. We use our best endeavours to ensure a possibly favourable outcome for all parties as well as efficient and beneficial solutions.

Where it is impossible for the parties to reach an agreement, we represent clients in litigation and in judicial and extrajudicial mediation. We have successfully helped clients reach several hundred settlements in court. We also specialise in cases involving the protection of industrial property: we have on numerous occasions managed to reconcile the interests of those involved in order to reach a favourable agreement.

Your situation

  • I don’t get on with my partner and I’m worried this might bring our cooperation to an end.
  • A case is pending against me and I’d like to resolve the dispute out of court.
  • Someone I do business with is acting unfairly towards me and I’d like to resolve that.

Our solution

  • An analysis of the conflict and subsequently a negotiation process.
  • Analysis of the facts of the case and efforts aimed at leading to mediation.
  • Discussion on the matter and efforts aimed at resolving the dispute.

Our experts

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