Medicine and pharmaceuticals

We provide legal services to players in the medical and pharmaceutical market. Do not hesitate to seek our advice on any aspects of your activity: setting up or restructuring a healthcare entity, applying for registration as a healthcare entity, obtaining any necessary permits or licences, court disputes and proceedings before the National Health Service (NFZ).

Our services to clients operating in the medical and pharmaceutical sector mostly includes the following:

  1. Legal support in the distribution and marketing of products in a regulated market.
  2. Assessing and drafting organisational bylaws and articles of association.
  3. Negotiating, assessing and drafting licence, cooperation and insurance agreements.
  4. Auditing instruments of incorporation and medical documents as well as clients’ business activity for compliance with the provisions of law.
  5. Services concerning competition law, personal data protection and intellectual property.

Our team of highly qualified lawyers is experienced in providing legal services to physicians running individual practices. Committed to providing excellent services, our team constantly improve their knowledge and skills by participating in conferences and training courses.

Feel free to contact out experts to find out more.

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