Retail and services

We provide comprehensive legal advice on business matters involved in the broad retail and services sector. In our everyday practice, we draft contracts, recover debt and help in negotiations. We represent clients in proceedings before courts of law, government and local government offices and other public administration authorities. Whether you need help choosing the right form of business or registering, merging, dividing or winding up companies, we are there for you.

Our services to clients in the retail and services sector mostly include the following:

  1. All-round handling of commercial transactions, including legal and specialist audits and negotiating agreements with business partners.
  2. Comprehensive debt recovery along with enforcement proceedings, including in court.
  3. Day-to-day support for the governing bodies of companies, assistance in selecting the best form of business.

We are highly experienced in providing all-round legal services to businesses in the retail and services sector. We keep pace with the latest market trends and adjust our recommendations accordingly. We realise that the retail business is a fast-changing one, and were are there for you to keep you well-informed by drafting legal opinions and expert reports, interpreting relevant provisions of law and providing advice on the safety of transactions.

Feel free to contact out experts to find out more.

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