We provide legal services to players in the IT sector. Our services include legal advice and handling your day-to-day legal affairs, including negotiating and assessing contracts and agreements. We are also there to help you if you are looking to protect your intellectual property.

Our services to clients in the new tech industry mostly include the following:

  1. Assistance in negotiating, drafting and executing software licence agreements, software development agreements, deployment agreements, maintenance agreements and source code escrow arrangements
  2. Assistance in negotiating, drafting and executing database licence agreements, database transfer agreements and in disputes concerning database protection
  3. Protection of intellectual property rights to internet domains, copyrights, trademarks and industrial designs
  4. Registration of data filing systems with the Personal Data Protection Office

Our expertise in the legal aspects of the tech business is based on our long cooperation with an IT company listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, doing business with partners across the world. We provide day-to-day legal assistance to clients in the IT business, in particular producers of specialised software.

Feel free to contact out experts to find out more.

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