Tomasz Ratajczak

Trainee Attorney


Graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, majoring in “Law”. Lawyer with many years of experience in the areas of broadly defined civil, criminal, commercial and business law. He has been associated with GWP Law Firm since 2018.

He is characterized by thoroughness, as well as a creative, out-of-the-box and determined to achieve the goal set by the client.

He focuses his interests in particular – but not exclusively – on Polish criminal law and issues related to medical law in the broadest sense. He is currently focused on improving his professional competence in the areas of economic criminal law, criminal liability and civil law protection of patients’ rights.


At GWP Law Firm, she co-facilitates the criminal and civil departments, including enforcement.

As part of his activities at GWP Law Firm, he is comprehensively responsible for the execution of activities at each stage of a delegated assignment, including, but not limited to: substantive analysis; advice, including advice to entrepreneurs; conducting negotiations; developing and implementing strategies, including business and litigation; drafting pleadings; preparing legal analyses and opinions; and drafting corporate documentation.


He adheres to the principle of continuous personal development, so he is constantly working on the development of soft skills. As a lover of active leisure, he praises the practice of power sports. In his free time, he develops his language skills in Spanish and Italian.

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