Divorce and property division

In any family law issues, we are there to provide comprehensive legal assistance. Our main family law specialisms include divorce, legal separation, property division, alimony and child custody matters.

We do our best to ensure a quick and favourable resolution for our client, paying attention to any related tax or business matters. We are there to help with mediation between spouses. We collaborate with a notary, a court enforcement officer, and a tried and tested private investigation office.

Aware of how difficult family law matters can be for those involved, we use our best endeavours to ensure quality in providing legal services. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want lawyers with a professional attitude and all your important matters resolved favourably. If required, we also deal with estate planning and probate matters and represent clients in disputes.

Your situation

  • My marriage has broken down completely and irretrievably and I’d like to split up without a conflict.
  • My former spouse makes it difficult for me to contact my child or prevents me from it and fails to honour what we’ve previously arranged.
  • I’m planning to have our property divided following divorce and I’d like to claim alimony.

Our solution

  • Pleading a case in divorce or legal separation proceedings or cases concerning parental responsibility.
  • Drafting pleadings related to the exercise of parental responsibility.
  • Conducting negotiations aimed at dividing marital property out of court.

Our experts

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