Mergers, transformations and acquisitions

We are highly experienced in legal services involved in mergers and acquisitions. We also comprehensively handle divisions and transformations of companies.

Each such process is preceded by an extensive due diligence examination, as well as a process of negotiating and drafting contracts involved in the transactions.Our advocates and legal counsellors tailor a bespoke legal and tax structure and draw up transaction documentation. We also support clients in negotiations and represent them before government offices, local authorities and courts in registration procedures.

We develop structures to ensure that a transformed or acquired company is streamlined organisationally, legally and fiscally. We have successfully completed over twenty projects involving legal transformation of businesses from a variety of sectors. If the changes you are planning involve foreign capital, we are also there for you with our experience in international transactions and structures.

Your problem

  • I’d like my business to merge with another entity to strengthen my market position.
  • I need to change the form of my business to optimise my taxes.
  • I’d like to acquire a block of shares or the entire business of a competitor.

Our solution

  • Carrying through a merger and adaptation of internal procedures to the new structure.
  • Preparing and carrying through a transformation and devising legal tax optimisation solutions.
  • Arranging negotiations, drafting contracts and agreements and carrying through the acquisition.

Our experts

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