Personal bankruptcy

We provide legal assistance to clients how have found themselves in a difficult financial situation by supporting them through a comprehensive rehabilitation programme. We offer advice on debt restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy.

We use our best endeavours to reduce an insolvent debtor’s debt through personal bankruptcy proceedings. Successfully collaborating with experts in banking, finance and tax law, we deliver a unique, in-depth analysis to find adequate solutions to our clients’ problems.

Personal bankruptcy offers a second chance to individuals who have been dogged by misfortune and is a way to restore their peace of mind and bring stability back to their households. We represent clients in disputes both at a pre-litigation stage and in court.

Your situation

  • I used to run a business which left me struggling financially and my private life is suffering as a result.
  • My spouse is in debt and I’m worried about my and my family’s future.
  • I’m in financial difficulty as a result of a loan in Swiss francs.

Our solution

  • Reaching a settlement with creditors and filing for personal bankruptcy.
  • Securing your family’s assets from execution and planning a strategy for debt repayment.
  • Suspension of execution upon declaration of bankruptcy until your liabilities are cancelled.

Our experts

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