Civil law

We provide a wide range of services connected with such areas of civil law as property law and the law of obligations. We represent clients in court and provide advice at a pre-litigation stage.

We also draft legal opinions and contracts, including in cases involving ownership protection, co-ownership (including severance of co-ownership), protection of infringed possession, usucaption (acquisitive prescription), establishing servitudes (land, personal or transmission servitudes). We support clients in the event of a failure to perform or the improper performance of a contract, such as a contract of sale, lease agreement, contract for specific work, contract for building works or loan agreement.

We provide legal assistance in recovering and enforcing claims, in cases involving claims for damages on account of liability in tort or under a contract, a debtor’s insolvency or unjust enrichment. We examine each case individually to determine if there are legitimate claims and propose an optimal course of action before and during litigation.

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