Criminal law and fiscal criminal law

We provide professional legal services in cases of white collar crimes (involving business criminal law and fiscal criminal law charges). Our services include counselling on the criminal law aspects of running a business.

We represent the interests of aggrieved parties at stages leading up to a criminal trial and during criminal proceedings. We support clients in pursuing financial claims in criminal proceedings and we help protect a company’s image and reputation. We defend clients in criminal and fiscal criminal cases, offering professional advocacy at the stage of preliminary proceedings, during a trial and in penitentiary proceedings.

Our services also involve analysing threats related to business crime and prevention of business crime and preventing criminal liability in business, collecting evidence and assessing its usefulness in court. We draft legal opinions on the risk of incurring criminal liability when running a business and support clients in carrying our internal enquiries.

We provide legal assistance in cases of petty offences, including fiscal offences.

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