Criminal law

As part of our criminal law services, we provide legal advice to aggrieved parties, suspects and accused persons. We represent clients at each state of the criminal process: from reporting a crime to the inquiry or investigation to the trial to the penitentiary proceedings once a judgment has become unappealable.

We support clients in cases investigated by the police, the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau (CBA), the Central Investigation Bureau (CBŚ), the Internal Security Agency (ABW), customs chambers, tax offices and tax inspection authorities.

We can assist you in collecting evidence and making use of its in the course of the proceedings.

In the course of the penitentiary proceedings, we support clients by preparing petitions for postponement of the enforcement of a sentence, a leave from serving a sentence,conditional early release from serving a sentence or for permission for serving a sentence of imprisonment in an electronic monitoring system. When a judgment in a criminal trial becomes unappealable, it does not always mean that the case is definitely lost. We can help you by drafting petitions to the Supreme Court for the resumption of the proceedings or for the judgment to be quashed (cassation).

We also draft pleadings and other documents in cases of petty offences, including fiscal offences.

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