Medical law

We offer professional legal advice on matters involving medical law, helping those aggrieved by the activities of healthcare entities. We provide comprehensive legal services and handle the day-to-day affairs of health care providers.

We represent clients in disputes with the National Health Service (NFZ) and in litigation concerning the liability of entities managing companies in the health care sector. We plead our clients cases in the area of medical law and pursue financial claims. Our services include providing advice and drawing up opinions in cases involving liability for damage caused by medicinal products or medical devices.

We support clients in setting up healthcare entities, transforming or winding up healthcare facilities. We draft and assess contracts, including National Health Service (NFZ) contracts for the provision of healthcare services, cooperation agreements, and contracts connected with clinical research. GWP’s advocates and legal counsellors give robust and accurate advice on matters connected with business regulated by pharmaceutical law.

We also provide legal assistance to aggrieved parties in criminal litigation involving medical errors and represent physicians charged with medical errors in criminal and disciplinary proceedings.

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